Private events are a little different to other ‘gig’ environments. We take pride in providing a very high quality client facing service that is quick to get in, neat and attractive looking, and sounds incredible.

We are very experienced in providing function band audio and lighting. We can cater for small bands and large bands, playing in big or small rooms – or of course anywhere in-between.

As an example – our starting point for an 8 piece function band (consisting of two lead singers, a two piece horn section, keyboard, guitar, bass and drums) would be something like:

Wireless mic (Sennheiser EW-D) for each singer
Wireless clip-on mic (Sennheiser EW-D) for each horn
As many DI’d inputs as the keys player needs
DI’d or mic’d guitar
DI’d bass
Full drum mic kit (beta 52, e604, etc)
In ear monitor packs, all on separate mixes – wireless (Sennheiser) for singers and horns, wired for rhythm section. (Band members can mix their own IEMs via an app if preferred)
Full-range PA (two subs, two tops)
Stage wash lighting
2x moving heads

This starts at £850 +VAT within 20 miles of St Albans, Herts, and is based on arriving at 4pm, with the system being turned off at midnight. Please get in touch for a custom quote if your event is further away or outside these timings – we’ll go pretty much anywhere!

We would provide that including one engineer. Of course, if your event calls for extra lighting with a lighting engineer, more inputs, a bigger PA system or anything else, we have the expertise to make it happen. We can also offer a full multitracked live recording, and / or a mixdown of your whole show.

Please get in touch and we can have a chat about your exact requirements, and build you a brilliant solution.