We offer Portable Appliance Testing to supplement our event sound and lighting activities. We’re based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and will travel to you locally to PAT test any of your equipment.

If you’re using your equipment on an event, many venues require evidence of PAT status before you’re able to plug anything in. Either way, it’s a sensible idea to make sure that all equipment you’re using is not likely to be a risk to yourself, the venue, the band, or any audience members.

How much will PAT testing cost?

Our PAT testing prices are very reasonable, starting at just £70 + VAT for up to 30 items, with additional items costing just £1 + VAT.

This price includes travel for AL1, AL2, AL3 and AL4 postcodes, with mileage chargeable at 45p/mile (round trip) outside of this area. We’re willing to travel anywhere, but you may find it’s more cost effective for you to find someone more local to you if you’re significantly outside our coverage area

The price also includes pass / fail stickers on each device tested, and a fully itemised PAT testing certificate PDF, provided via email once payment is received (usually on the same day).

Our expertise obviously lies in sound / lighting equipment, as well as musical equipment such as guitar and bass amps, pedals, and associated equipment. Simply put, we know what these bits of kit do, and have adaptors to check things that other PAT testing companies wont necessarily have on hand. For example, we know one end of a Powercon cable from the other, and can test 16a Ceeform cables too.


Do I need my equipment to be tested?

It’s not actually a legal requirement, but that being said, many venues will refuse entry to their premises if you don’t have a valid PAT certificate, and will cite The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974, and The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. Some venues won’t ask for any evidence of a PAT test, but even then it’s definitely worth the peace of mind to know that your kit has a valid test.

How often should my equipment be tested?

Again, it’s not actually a legal requirement for retests to happen at any given interval. Different bits of equipment undertake different amounts of wear and tear. Much like an MOT on a vehicle (where the brakes could fail the day after the test), an electrical item could pass a PAT test one day, and then become damaged the next. Common sense needs to be applied – if you notice any exposed wiring or anything unusual such as your kit feeling unusually hot or smoking, you MUST take the item out of circulation, and then get it professionally repaired before a retest. We recommend that portable electrical appliances are tested annually.

What if something fails?

If one of your appliances fails, we will stick a FAIL sticker on it, and itemise that on your PAT certificate. It is essential that you remove failed items from use instantly. They may only be used again after being professionally repaired and then re-tested.

What counts as an item?

In simple terms for our purposes, an item is anything with a plug or a socket. For example, a guitar amp with an inbuilt power lead will count as one item, a guitar amp with an IEC socket on the back will count as two – we’ll need to test the amp itself and the IEC lead separately.

For this reason we’ll also need to test all extension leads, 4-ways and power adaptors (eg 13a-16a) separately.

What do you need from me before a PAT test visit?

We need to know roughly how many devices we’ll be testing, and we need them to all be accessible when we arrive. All devices must be powered off and unplugged from the mains – as part of the test we need to conduct an earth leakage test which requires the device to be plugged in to our machine.

When do I need to pay?

After our visit, we’ll add up all of the items that we tested, and invoice you accordingly. Upon receipt of payment in full, we will then email your PAT certificate straight to you.

Can you test specific power cables?

Probably! Being a sound and lighting company at heart, we have plenty of adaptors for our own purposes. If you need anything in particular please let us know when you book and we will make sure the adaptors come to site with us.